Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

Twelve Fires From Yesterday’s Thunderstorms

ODF’s Southwest Oregon District found 12 lightning-caused fires yesterday. Below is a list of the fires, plus legal description information (Township, Range, Section, etc.) plus each fire’s size in acres.

  • Beaver Creek, T40S R2W Sec 20, 5 acres
  • Kenyon Ridge, T39S R2E Sec 11 NWNW, 0.01 acre
  • Slick Rock Cabin, T40S R1W Sec 11 SESW, 0.5 acre
  • Bear, T39S T1W Sec 20, 0.10 acre
  • Point Mtn, T39S T1W Sec 17 SWNE, 0.10 acre
  • Buck Rock, T3S R1W Sec 34 SENW, 4 acres
  • Willie Rock, T33S R1W Sec 17, 4 acres
  • Flat Creek, T32S R1E Sec 17 NWSW, 0.25 acre
  • East Evans Creek, no Legal Description, 0.25  acre
  • Salt Creek, T34S R3W Sec 1 NENW, 80-100 acres
  • Horn Gulch, T39S R1W Sec 23 SESE, acreage TBD
  • Hells Peak, T40S R1W 18 NWSE, 0.5 acre

A Red Flag Warning is (again) in effect today across southwest Oregon for more thunderstorms from 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

An ODF incident management team has arrived to assist the Southwest Oregon District with fire suppression needs. The team is based at TouVelle State Park on Table Rock Rd.

Reconnaissance flights are underway to watch the wildlands for smokes, and engine crews are being assigned to fires as they are spotted.

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