Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

Ten Small Lightning-Caused Fires Found on ODF-Protected Lands

Widespread thunderstorms swept across Jackson and Josephine counties’ forestlands Thursday afternoon and evening. ODF’s Southwest Oregon District engine crews found 10 fires on Bureau of Land Management and private lands. Two of the fires are 1/4 acre in size and the rest are smaller.

  • 1/4-acre Board Tree Fire, 5 miles east of Wolf Creek
  • 1/4-acre Curr Creek Fire, 7 miles northeast of Butte Falls
  • 1/10-acre Sardine Creek Fire, 4 miles northwest of Gold Hill
  • 1/10-acre Willy Rock Fire, 3 miles north of Trail
  • 1/100-acre East Jones Creek Fire, 1 mile north of Grants Pass
  • 1/100-acre Woodcock Fire, 3 miles south of Cave Junction
  • 1/100-acre Bear Branch Fire, 5 miles north of Rogue River
  • 1/100-acre Sykes Creek Fire, 3 miles north of Wimer
  • 1/100-acre Taggerts Creek Fire, 3 miles east of Stewart State Park
  • 1/100-acre May Creek Fire, 4 miles northeast of Wimer

A reconnaissance flight is looking over southwest Oregon’s forestlands this morning, watching for smoke. 

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