SWO Fire Data was created to help serve the constituents and staff of Southwest Oregon District Department of Forestry for up to date information and statistics regarding wildfire. This site is focused on sharing information for wildfire operations, land management, and public information. Please feel free to comment below or call us for any questions (541) 664-3328.

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  1. Are you going to cover the fire near Canyonville? That started sometime in late afternoon I think. Very bad air here in Grants Pass.

    • Right now that for is just developing. A team is ordered and is due to in brief at days creek school at 6. As more info and maps come available I will put them up. You can also Google “DFPA” to get the latest news since they are the agency in charge.

  2. How do you access lightening strike maps for recent storms? The link now requires a password. Why is this? How can the public access this information?

    • First, my apologies for the delayed response. We have been keeping very busy, but your comments are important to us!

      ODF has changed the way we do lightning maps. Starting this year, we have purchased lightning strike data directly from Vaisala, a weather observation and monitoring company. The result is more accurate and more reliable data for our firefighting resources. An unfortunate tradeoff is that we are no longer at liberty to share this proprietary data with the public as per the terms of our licensing agreement.

      However, I can tell you have lightning has been consistent and uniform throughout Jackson and Josephine County for the past several days, with the largest concentration of strikes occurring in NW Jackson County by Prospect and Butte Falls.

      If you’re curious, I encourage you to seek out lightning tracker services that are in the public domain. The National Weather Service of NOAA is an excellent resource. Blitzortung.org is a free, public lightning tracker project with cataloged historic data and real time tracking ability. Weatherbug.com offers a similar service.

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